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Passions: Art, culture & creativity, Poetry, Education, Music & musicians

Introducing Casey Bailey - Poet, rapper and educator

People with Passion

Casey Bailey is a poet, author, writer, spoken word performer, rapper, song writer and a secondary school senior leader from Birmingham.

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Passions: Art, culture & creativity, Environment & green action, Education, Modern Architecture, Classic Architecture

Introducing Rachel Akers - Creativity and Art

People with Passion

I am a Birmingham based artist with a passion for architecture and nature.

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Passions: Art, culture & creativity, Education, People & community

Introducing Alan (Kurly) McGeachie - Poet and Hip Hop artist

People with Passion

Alan is a poet and Hip Hop artist who also does a great deal of work in schools helping to build literacy confidence through performance poetry/creative writing/Hip Hop.

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